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WugongTemple in Houshi

Originally called Jhu Bao-jhih, Master Chigong was active in Liang during the Southern Dynasties (around AD 479). He taught in Xilingyan, preached at Hongtai Hall to Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty, and founded Mahayana Buddhism. He wrote Ten Dachengzan, Shihershihsong, and Shihsihkesong to fully expound on the spirit of Mahayana Buddhism. Ancestors from China settled down in Taiwan with the protection of the five Buddha and thus worshipped them in Zeming Hall (the dining hall of the temple located at No. 500, Northern Houshi, Gueiren, Gueiren Village, Xinfeng Prefecture in the past, now near No. 515, Zhongshan Road, Houshi Village). In 1938 the colonial government destroyed the Buddha statues. When expanding Zhongshan Road, they demolished the dining hall and the Buddha statues and the holy sutras came into the hands of villager Li Ting, who worshipped them at home until believers decided in 1967 to worship the Buddha on September 19 in the lunar calendar every two years. From 1979 onward, they began changing the ritual hosts every September 19.
Over the past century or so, these five Buddha have saved the public from plague many times in western Puqian (Army Light Aircraft Airport today) and entered the deep mountains in their imperial chariots to find medicine to cure the public. In matters of life and death, these five Buddha made their presence to save believers from danger. Apart from protecting the health and life of villagers, these five Buddha enhanced local development. In memory of their deeds and to benefit their offspring, elders of the village decided to build the temple to worship these five Buddha. In December 1988, dozens of believers donated NT$2.8 million to purchase about 0.072 hectares of land (lot nos. 413-1. 413-2, 413-3, 413-6, 413-12, Renbei Section, Gueiren) to build the temple. Devout believers even formed a provisional management committee to seek local support. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in August 1990 and temple construction was completed in March 1993. After selecting the dates through communication with these Buddha, the committee selected September 7 for the dedication and September 19 for the enthronement of these five Buddha: Chihgong, Kanggong, Langgong, Baogong, Huagong, Ghara Bodhisattva, and Fude Zhengshen.
Address: No. 55, Guoguang Street, HoushiVillage, Gueiren District, Tainan City.
(Source: A Shorty History of Wugong Temple)