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Zhongshun Temple

The place was originally called Wozidi (literally bottom of a pot) probably for its low-lying terrain. According to local seniors, the city god was originally worshipped in the temple. At about 1891, a villager got an incense sachet from a gathering held by the Chens (descendants of the King of Zhangzhou) in Daxuedi (Damiao Village today) and worshipped it at home. As the deity showed his magic in front of the villager, he became a devout believer. In 1985, the King of Zhangzhou sent a decree to claim the need for a permanent residence. Believers thus raised funds to build a temple for the king. The project started in 1986 and completed in 1988. The enthronement was held in the same year and official worships began in 1995. The temple worships the King of Zhangzhou, Chen Yuan-guan of the Tang dynasty. A native of Gushi in Guangzhou, Henan Province, Chen was a scholar and a military officer who followed his father’s troops to Fujian. He inherited his father’s career after his death. After successfully suppressing local bandits, he was promoted to the official of justice and chief of the Lingnan Army and was approved to establish Zhangzhou between Caozhou and Cuanzhou. To commemorate his deeds in establishing Zhangzhou, officials and civilians worshipped Chen for centuries because they believed he had transformed from a human being to a deity. The government also issued an edict to worship him. This practice gradually became a folk belief and later on a cultural activity. 
Address: No. 79, Section 2, Zhongzheng South Road, Wudong Village, Gueiren District, Tainan City.
(Source: National Religion Information Network, Ministry of the Interior)