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Dapu Fude Temple

The temple was built in 1723 in a place about 300 meters northeast of the current location. It is a Confucian temple organizing a grand ritual every August 15 in the lunar calendar. As the temple only had a main hall without a west wing, with the approval of the administrator Ke Wun, ritual host Ke Mao suggested the temple expansion project on the original temple site in 1900. In 1969, Ke Wun and Jheng Yu-jhu suggested the temple reconstruction project using the land donated by Huangfuch'iensui and integrated by geomancer Ping Chang. A total of NT$290, 000 was donated by all 74 households in the village. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in spring and the project was completed in October 17, followed by a grand opening ritual. The east wing was built in 1970. The old temple site was sold in 1971 to raise funds for the west wing construction project, and the entire temple was finally completed. After the renovation in 1986, the entire temple was renewed with gorgeously carved columns and beams, splendid and magnificent.
Address: No. 43, Xipu 2nd Street, XipuVillage, Gueiren District, Tainan City.
(Source: National Religion Information Network, Ministry of the Interior)