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Xucuo Daitian Temple

According to The Record of Renshow Temple, the location of Xucuo Daitian Temple was nearly uninhabited about a century ago. Although some locals worshipped Marshal Tianfu (now Tianfu ch'iensui), it is a pity that no one knows who brought the statue here as it was too long ago. However, as all villagers believed that the marshal blessed them and brought them peace and happiness, villager Tsai Ching-hsi of the second neighborhood built the “Songjiang Temple” on his own land in 1923 to worship Marshal Tianfu. As the space of the Songjiang Temple was too small for the addition of other facilities, locals suggested the reconstruction of the temple in October 1958. In 1988, therefore, believers inside and outside of village donated funds to purchase the current location to rebuild the Songjiang Temple. As the temple was old and many places were damaged, believers formed a reconstruction committee to plan for the temple reconstruction. Thanks to the donations of believers across Taiwan, the reconstruction was completed in March 1989 and renamed “Daitianfu” in the hope that Marshal Tianfu will bless all and bring the country prosperity.
Address: No. 11, Lane 437, Section 1, ZhongshanRoad, Xucuo Village, Gueiren District, Tainan City.
(Source: National Religion Information Network, Ministry of the Interior)