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Liujia Beiji Temple

Xuantian Shangdi, worshipped in the temple, was commonly known as Shangdiyeh or Shandigong, the Zhenwu Dadi in Taoism. The deity steps on a turtle and a snake with a sword in the right hand and a seal in the left hand. It is said that he was Grand General Zhenwu, who became a deity on Mt. Wudang. The Shangdigong statue was brought to Taiwan by earlier settlers in 1751. According to the record of Nanbao Beiji Temple, “The Ching Army, promoted by eight grades as an official of Taiwan and another grade for military achievements, and proclaimed by Magistrate Shen Bao-Jhen.” It was about the ancestor worship guild dispute among Syu Fu, Jhuo Wu-li, Ciou Shih-cheng, and the Lins, the Chens, and Lis over the boundary of their property and the deed trade regarding tax and grains. The verdict was reached in July 1887. From this case, it is clear that Shangdigong had been worshipped in Taiwan for a long time. The Grand Shangdigong was first worshipped in the main temple. Later on the Secondary Shangdigong was worshipped in Dingbao First Village in southern Gueiren Village. Then, a third Shangdigong was worshipped in Siabao Village. When both Shangdigongs arrived in Liujia Village, no temple was built for them, and they were temporarily enthroned in the Lin’s residence for the public to worship. From then on the number of worshippers increased and the deities’ miracles were seen everywhere (what people prayed for was realized). At the end of the deity’s tour in March 1986 headed by the Sungjiang parade, Shangdigong made his presence and led the parade to inspect the longan orchard of the Lins to find a place for his temple. The ritual host and elders drew moon blocks to ask for the deity’s instructions at the time, and all three draws showed a positive answer. The location is a perfect congregation of energy chosen according to the deity’s instructions. Believers built the temple there in 1986, and the temple was completed in October 1991.
Address: No. 1, Lane 59, Minsheng 12th Street, Lijia Village, Gueiren District, Tainan City.