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Tongzijun Temple

It is said that the location of the Shangdi Temple on Mt. Wudang was a great green meadow before the temple was built. A cowherd often grazed cattle there at the time. He was small but smart. When he grazed cattle there, he used to play war games with other children, and the way he deployed troops was like the strategies in The Art of War by Sun Tzu. He could well organize the formation of his troops and make orderly advances and retreats. During the engagement, he held a bamboo stick in his hand and claimed he was the field marshal of his team. Most importantly, he won the game every time, and all other children respected him. As time went by, he was called a prodigy. As other children admired and recognized his leadership, they all followed his command.
However, fate often ill-treats the talented. The cowherd passed away before he grew up. Before he passed away, he hoped he could silently rest on that meadow and safeguard the place. To commemorate him, villagers buried him by the meadow where he used to graze his herd. Later on, people believed that he had become a deity and therefore built a temple to remember him. It was the “Tongzijun Temple”.
According to local elders, “The temple should have been located in what is today’s Wudangshan Temple. This is because the scenery there is gorgeous and the view is magnificent, and the place is a spiritual place attracting many believers. After Xuantian Shangdi negotiated with the cowherd, he won and the Wudangshan Temple was built there.” After the temple was completed, people did not want to give up on the cowherd and asked Shangdigong to find a place to build a temple for the cowherd, and it is what is today’s Tongzihjyun Temple.
Address: No. 181, Wudong 1st Street, Gueiren District, Tainan City.