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Shalun Pingan Temple

The Yongfeng Daitian Temple is also called the Pingan Temple. Located in Qishezhuang, Shalun, the temple worships five deities patrolling on behalf of the heavenly god (Li, Chih, Wu, Chu and Fan). These five deities are called Five Ch’iensui’s and also worshipped in the Maxiangzu Temple, Fujian, China. The Yongfeng Daitian Temple was established in 1666 originally in Hongmaoliao, Gueiren. It was moved to Shalun later on and finally to the present location in 1934 to protect the locale and locals. It has many worshippers and the deities’ miracles are spread far and wide. The Zhuangmiao Daitian Temple in Erjia worshipping the double of Chih Ch’iensui is a division of the Yongfeng Daitian Temple. Pingan Temple is the master temple of the Daitian temples and the religious center of Shalun Village where people pray for peace, blessings and good fortune from the deities.
Address: No. 269, Shalun, Shalun Village, Gueiren District, Tainan City.