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Mamiao Chaotian Temple

The temple was originally built about 100 years ago and has been renovated several times, with the last one during the Japanese colonization. It is said that the ship of a merchant named Kuo from Nantan was stranded. With the blessing of Mazu, he was brought to Meizhou in China by the sea. So he brought the spirit of Mazu back to Taiwan and built a temple here to worship the goddesses. During the Japanese colonization, the temple was sacked and burned down by the Japanese. It is said that the temple stood still after burning for a long time, and tears came out from Mazu’s statue, so locals buried the statue. The statue we see today was made after WWII. The present temple was rebuilt in 1982. In the temple there is a horizontal tablet reads “Pacifying Sea Waves” made in 1884, which is historical.
Address: No. 156, Section 1, Baoda Road MamiaoVillage, Gueiren District, Tainan City.