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Datan Zhaode Temple

The Zhaode Temple was originally the Fude Shrine of the Qingshi Temple. After the second floor was built in 1979, Fude Zhengshen (city god) was worshipped on the first floor and Master Qingshi on the second floor, with Marshal of the Central Altar as the vanguard. Before this temple was built, there was no temple in Datan for a century. Master Qingshi and Marshal of the Central Altar were originally worshipped in the grand hall of the Huangs in Datan Village center and the city god in Shenei in Datan. Every year locals drew moon blocks to decide on who would be the next ritual master. During the Japanese colonization, the temple’s location was purchased from the village office. As time changed, the place was expropriated by the colonial government again as the local farmers’ cooperative. It was not until 1975 that the Taiwan Provincial Government announced that property previously owned by the colonial government could be changed into public facility land use. After the continuous efforts of local elders and gentries, the Datan believers’ meeting was held and resolved to register the location in the name of The Datan Fude Temple on July 28, 1975. The temple was built in 1979. It was not until 2003 when the temple’s structure deteriorated and on the birthday (March 5 in lunar calendar) of the city god that believers asked for permission to rebuild the temple from Master Qingshi, the city god, and Marshal of the Central Altar. With an affirmative reply, believers built the new temple and renamed it Datan Chaode Temple.
Address: No. 306, Section 1, Jhangrong Road, Datan Village, Gueiren District, Tainan City.