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Kanxi Wusheng Temple

One is unable to trace the origin of the first statue of the deity. It is said that the statue was brought to Taiwan from China by early immigrants for blessings and peace. The deity showed his presence one day and said: He came from the Guandi Temple in Xiezhou, Shanxi, and his spirit spread to different parts of China afterwards to save the people. In the Ching dynasty, he came to Taiwan with earlier immigrants and was worshipped by civilians in Kanxi.
It was the origin of the Wusheng Temple (Guandi Temple). During the reign of Emperor Xianfeng, the statue was enthroned in the residence of village chief Lin Tai-ji and was worshipped and managed in turn by local villages. As a result of the miracles he performed, the deity was brought back to his own residence to be worshipped in 1902. From then on, the deity showed his presence and miracles to protect locals and the number of worshippers increased. The place was called “Kanxi Altar”.
When the colonial government implemented the Japanization Movement (Kominka Movement), the deity’s face was nearly burned. It was saved by a local landlord called Lin Chien-i, who stole the statue and took it home. After WWII, he brought the statue to the main hall to worship the deity there. Later on the deity was relocated and it was enthroned in the residence of Lin Ming-kao. As the deity showed his presence again, the number of believers and worshippers increased continuously. As the space was not enough for so many worshippers, Hsu Pien gathered public opinion and proposed a temple construction project. The temple was completed in 1966 and its name changed to the “Wusheng Temple” in 1977. The temple follows the deity’s instructions to hold a public affair ceremony on Saturdays to relieve the misfortune and drive away bad luck for the public with a four-opening sedan. 
In 2004, as the original temple was already old and water leakage was serious, commission chief Lin Ming-hong held a believers’ association meeting, where a reconstruction resolution was made. The project started in 2005 and the enthronement was held after project completion in 2009. 
Address: No. 158, Renai South Street, KanxiVillage, Gueiren District, Tainan City.
(Source: National Religion Information Network, Ministry of the Interior)