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Baoxi Daitian Temple

The Baoxi Daitian Temple was established in the Kingdom of Tungning (1661-1683) and worshipped three deities: Chu, Chih, and Li. Occupying an area of 1,015m2, the temple was humble but spacious and splendid. It was the biggest and the most worshipped temple in the area. It was renovated in 1805. Implicated in the Guo Guang-hou Incident in 1844, the temple was burned down by the Ching troops. In 1849, locals raised funds to rebuild the temple and restored its original attraction. In 1892 locals raised funds to renovate it and make it more splendid and magnificent. When the Japanese implemented the Kominka Movement in 1841, more than four decades after colonization, the colonial government burned down temples and statues. After WWII in 1945, people began to worship again. In 1946 the temple was refurbished to recover its original appearance. Two wings were added in 1961. When tall buildings were built around the temple later on, it looked smaller and very uncomfortable. With the deity’s approval, a construction committee was formed in 1994 to rebuild the temple in 1995. The brand new temple building was completed in 1999. The new temple building now has painted columns and carved beams, gorgeously decorated, splendid and magnificent, as solid as rock, and has become the religious and spiritual center of locals.
Address: No. 31, Damiao 5th Street, Damiao Village, Gueiren District, Tainan City.
(Source: National Religion Information Network, Ministry of the Interior)