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Xishi Wangyeh Temple

Villager Hsieh Hsiu of the late Ching dynasty was unsuccessful when he did business outside. After welcoming a deity and worshipping him, everything was a success. Feeling the invincible might of the deity, he brought the deity to the village. As the deity also fulfilled the wishes of the villagers, his invincible might was confirmed. At the beginning, Hsieh only worshipped the deity in his home. Although the deity fulfilled the wishes of villagers, they did not know who he was. So they asked the deity through divination, and the deity replied, “My name is Huang and I safeguard the place and protect its people by the heavenly emperor’s decree.” April 6 in the lunar calendar is his birthday and people held a ritual for him. When the population in the village increased, they suggested building an altar to worship the deity. So they donated land and funds to build the Wangyeh Temple and the number of worshippers increased thereafter because of his invincible might. As the village prospers and the altar is damaged after so many years, locals suggested rebuilding the altar. So they donated funds to build a new temple in November (lunar calendar) 1989. The new temple was completed in November (lunar calendar) 1991. It is now splendid and magnificent and more beautiful than it used to be. People described it as “benevolence for Xishi people and brilliance for the deity”. This record is maintained for descendants to understand the origin and grace of this temple and the deity and for the story to be passed down to later generations. (Believers donated to maintain the long-lasting benevolence.)
Address: No. 180, Section 2, Baoda Road, XishiVillage, Gueiren District, Tainan.
(Source: National Religion Information Network, Ministry of the Interior)