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Nostalgia: The push of films, TV dramas, and more dramas echoes in our minds, ceaselessly.

Construction: The THSR, TRA, highway and expressway running across encourage us to broaden our horizons.

"Gueiren", a name of nostalgia and infrastructure, comes to our mind. When reality mingles with dreams, nostalgia will naturally inherit in advance.
Gueiren is my home. The place has a good name and is a humble rural area with high literacy development. As time goes by when seas change into mulberry fields and mulberry fields into seas, this familiar geographical name always casts its print on the mind of its citizens.

Located at the southern-most tip of Tainan City, Gueiren was first cultivated by the Chengs during the Kingdom of Tungning (1661-1683). Before that it was the home of the Siraya or Pingpu indigenous peoples. After the Chengs settled down there, they built a school in a place called Baoxi Village to teach their people. This attracted people from different places to migrate to Baoxi Village. As education was well developed, they renamed the place "Gueiren Village", meaning "benevolence for all."

The district was originally called "Hongwacuo" (literally, red tile house). Although there are different stories about the origin of this name, basically, it suggests that when locals became rich, they re-built their mud brick houses (adobes) into new buildings with a red tile roof and this was how the place was named. In short, the name suggested the place was cultivated in an earlier time and locals were financially well off.

In terms of historical development and local geographic features including flat topography and more upland fields than paddy fields, the place has profound culture, well-established education and well-developed agriculture, industry, and economy. Therefore, it has nourished a great many talents and made high industrial development possible.