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Travel in Gueiren

District Chief:Chen Ying-yu
Population :approx. 66,000 people
Phone:(06) 230-1518
Address:No. 2, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Gueiren District, Tainan City, Taiwan 711.
Location:Gueiren is located in the southernmost tip of Tainan City, southeast of the Jianan Plain, and is part of the Erren River valley. It borders Guanmiao to the east, Renden to the west, and Yongkang and Xinhua to the north, and overlooks Ailian and Luzhu Districts of Kaohsiung.
Administrative areas: There are 21 Villages in Gueiren District: Gueiren, Guinan, Nanbao, Nanxing, Houshi, Shalun, Lunding, Gucuo, Xucuo, Xincuo, Kandong, Kanxi, Qijia, Bajia, Mamiao, Damiao, Xipu, Datan, Liujia, Wenhua, and Wudong.


"Gueiren is a beautiful place in southern Taiwan, with agreeable hazy scenes like pictures. At dawn, the sunlight casts colorful clouds and over the red-tile roof." This is the best illustration of "Hongwacuo" in the past and "Gueiren District" today by poet Li Pu-yun. In the past, Hongwacuo was a fertile and wealthy city where people were educated, as witnessed by the tablets at the Dunyuansheng Temple "Scholars Are Here" and the Chens' Ancestral Shrine "A Scholarly Family". Today, Gueiren is a place of rich agricultural products, such as the sugar apple, sour sop fruit, water melon, peanuts, and green bamboo shoots. The Sugar Apple Festival is the event promoting Gueiren to the world. For tourism development, there are other scenic spots in Gueiren: Qijia Floral Park, World Snake King, Tropical Fish Farm, Gueiren Farmers' Association Warehouse, Hongwacuo, Confucius Temple, Christian Church, Wenhua Elementary School Ecology Pond, Sports Park, shrimp catching at the Xuxian River, pheasant and wild bird watching in Shalun, Renshow Temple, Guinan Beiji Temple, Baoxi Daitian Temple, the Guos Residence, Shisanyao Cultural Park, Everlasting Flower Farm, Chang Jung Christian University, Wudong Shangdi Temple, THSR Special Zone, NCKU Aeronautics and Astronautics Laboratory, NCTU Tainan Campus, R14 Station of Tainan Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit System, and TRA Light Rail Chang Jung Christian University Station. We believe that after large companies start their operations in the THSR Special Zone, the day where "benevolence for all" will come to Gueiren.